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We are delighted to announce that Horror writer Jeff Hill, has signed with Poe Boy Publishing.

Jeff will have his horror novel coming early in 2024.

Jeff is a real talented writer, and we can’t wait to publish more and more of his work.

Watch this space for cover and title reveal coming soon…


Revelations of the Raven Master E-Book.jpg

Legend has it that if the six resident ravens leave the Tower of London, the Kingdom, and the tower itself will fall. It is the Raven Master's calling to protect those regal but, at times, evil birds.

However, the Raven Master holds more secrets in the world’s darkest, dankest dungeon, for he is the master storyteller, older than time itself. Each tale of the macabre and depraved serves as an offering, satiating the birds, and enrapturing them and enticing them to stay. Just like they will you, dear reader…

In Casey Masterson's debut book, The Raven Master shares eighteen tales from the ancient tome of horrors. You will join the ravens as they are regaled with tales of suffering, humanity, and the deepest fears ingrained within us all. Cannibals, murderers, mutilation, and even love, lie in wait to strike when you least expect.

The Raven Master is waiting for you. Do you dare join him and his unkindness for a spell or will you try to fly away?

Author Casey Masterson signs

We are delighted to announce that Casey Masterson, a super-talented young horror writer from New Jersey has signed with Poe Boy Publishing.

Casey will have her very own horror short story collection coming in 2023. We are really impressed with her writing and can’t wait to publish her work.

We expect big things from Casey Masterson, who has been a keen horror fan all her life and we are sure the short story collection is just a start of a long glittering writing career.

The cover of SALVATION has been revealed and the online book tour was a big success.

Look for this exciting new release from D.A. Schneider this fall.

John Garvey never said he was an angel, or a fallen one at that. Biker, businessman, guitarist, drug dealer, you name it, he's involved. Attention naturally turns to him when someone starts to murder musicians and steal the guitars from their bodies. Is it John Garvey? That's something Agent Marion Kern has to figure out. Meanwhile, stranger Jude befriends Elizabeth, despite being warned off by his boss, Lou, who tells him to stick strictly to business. But what business does Jude have, and why do things become complicated when he finds out who Elizabeth's father is?

Meanwhile, during her investigation into the musician murders, Marion stumbles on a sinister truth that has terrifying repercussions for her, and inevitably, humanity. When events take a turn for the worse, it looks like John and Jude are the angels or demons left to battle for salvation.

But who will win, and who is on the side of good and who is evil? Only God has the answer and only God will be everyone's Salvation.  Or will He?

Salvation is a dark, fantastical horror story from D.A. Schneider

that will leave you wondering whether good and evil really are one and the same thing.


Available Now!

D.I. Bambridge and D.C. Lawrence, one an experienced detective

fighting his own demons, one a raw rookie trying to

prove herself, are brought together to hunt for a killer

whose victims are strung up and bled out.

Can they put their own personal problems aside as they seek
the perpetrator of these horrific murders, or will they be
taken to breaking point by a cold and calculating killer in
a city where any innocent person is a potential victim?

On the streets, apprehension and fear mount as the two

detectives battle themselves and each other as they desperate-
ly seek to bring safety to their city and the killer to justice.

Bled Out by Mark Simmons is a tense thriller that leaves the

reader wondering, who exactly is the criminal?

Recent Releases

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Published June 2023

Published April 2023


Coming August 31st

Poet & Author
Jennifer J. Prescott
signs for us

We are proud to announce that  poet and children's horror author Jennifer J. Prescott has signed and is a valued addition to our growing group of writers.

Jennifer's fabulous poetry collection

"All That's Grotesque & Fancy Like"

 is coming mid 2023.

And we are very excited to be working on a bit of a first for us at Poe Boy Publishing her debut children's horror novella Finding Trixie.

We love her prose and writing and hope to publish a lot more of her work.


We are so proud to show off the fantastic cover for Jennifer J. Prescott's children's novella Finding Trixie.

This bewitching children's story will be on pre-sale for E-book very soon and out in not only paperback but in hardback for September in time for your Halloween Trick or Treat kids.


About us:


Poe Boy Publishing started in 2020 as the brainchild of D.A. Schneider and Graeme Parker, two creators separated by the Atlantic Ocean who shared the same vision. A publishing house for new voices in the horror, mystery, and dark fantasy genres. 

Joined by talented artists from the U.K and the U.S. alike, Poe Boy Publishing quickly became a powerhouse in the indie publishing scene. Gifted writers such as Mark Simmons, Ann Wuehler, Stephen Brunton and Casey Masterson have joined the Poe Boy ranks to offer high-quality fiction, poetry, and art.



Irish Black by D.A. Schneider was perfection! A crime thriller that will appeal to lovers of detective series.

The twists and turns kept me wanting more until I really had to go to sleep

Brunton's work is always visceral, vivid and thought-provoking

Lit Amri,


on Irish Black

Beyond the Books,

Book Blog on Bled Out by Mark Simmons

Amazon book reviewer,
on Words of Love and Life

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